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An Unbiased Look at

Are goal is investigate (not to criticize) Club Cash Fund
 or any business mentioned in these critiques.
Many of these programs were very helpful in our
 journey online and the major strengths are listed first. 


CLUB CASH FUND is a business you can find advertised online.
Once you subscribe, fill in your name and actual physical 
address, then you receive a brochure in the mail about a 
week or two later describing why you should take advantage
of this great opportunity and send in your $100 so that you 
can turn around and advertise and get people to send you 
$100 in return. The brochure mentions that it has a marketing 
product but does not mention what it is about in any manner. 

You can see the positives and negatives below:


 Club Cash Fund have a great follow up 
system where you can learn all about thier opportunity from opening
your regular mail
. In this day of age, where most correspondence is by 
email, it's interesting to actually get a brochure in the mail about 
the opportunity. In the old days their was so much junk mail that 
this wouldn't have had as big of a chance of catching your eye
but now it appears to have a higher chance of catching your attention.

2) Possible basic training in Safelist and Social Media Marketing.

3) It also communicates effectively to your prospects
and brings them through an effective funnel where you can get paid.


The NEGATIVES are here:

1) Club Cash Fund is very close to being a "Cash Gifting"
program (even though its technically not). It just too close for 
comfort and I'll explain why on #2 and #3 below. First 
understand what Cash Gifting is: 

"When people get together in a circle to give each other gifts without exchanging any money,
that is called a gifting circle. When people gather in person or online because they are recruited
and the recruiter receives money or gifts for each person recruited, that is a
gifting scheme — which is also an illegal pyramid scheme." 
(From Michigan.gov Dept of Attorney General). 

2) I found that even though Club Cash Fund claims to have a product 
(a suite of marketing courses that are being sold at $100 month), that
this product is questionable and we wonder why there is not a website 
provided to actually view what these products are?

2) Also why is the opportunity being sold without even mentioning what the product 
really is all about?
This crosses the line in my estimation. A company should
primarily be ABOUT ITS PRODUCT
not about the opportunity 
The opportunity should only exist because of the product
not vice versus.

3) Sending money in the mail is always risky - especially since you won't 
get a receipt right away. It's NOT illegal to send money in the mail unless 
for purposes that are illegal, for example, money laundering, tax evasion or
purchasing tickets in a foriegn lottery. So even though it's not illegal
to send money in the mail
, I would think this business would be a higher risk
than usual and only people truly desperate to earn would try it. I will also
note that its possible to send a money order too (still risky). 

4) Club Cash Fund impliments the 5 Critical Skills by 
effective advertising (Skill #1) for his program and also through other 
affiliates who promote it too. I don't know how often the capture pages are changed
to keep continued interest (Skill #2) but I have my doubts that it's not enough
to get a lot of daily subscribers. Club Cash fund is
actively building a big list for themselves (Skill #3) but I highly doubt that using these
premade capture pages actually build YOUR list.

Even though you will get a sale if someone signs
up with your link, you probably have limited means to continue contacting these people back
(as these people will not be subscribers to your email autoresponder). 
Club Cash Fund communicates at a very
high level with his list by sending them effective brochures in the mail (Skill #4),
but even though this may mean a possible sale for you, it does not build you
or your personal brand and does not allow you to become an expert in the field 

(which in our opinion, needs to happen for you to have a lot of success online).

Club Cash Fund has aslo built an effective funnel (Skill #5)
that pays well on the front and back end. 

However, even though you can benefit from Club Cash Fund implementing 
all of the 5 Critical Skills, he probably does not teach you
 how to build your own capture pages, how to grow your own list so you can
take possesion contacting your own customers yourself or how to 
communicate with them yourself
and how to build your own funnels.

This would be the negatives I have. 
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I was grossly mistaken. Long story made very 
short, it took me years to learn the marketing skills
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